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Walk In The Light


When you talk about the Music of Daily Life, theses two songs in their different versions will provide you with the equivalent of food, energy, wisdom, knowledge and understanding, in so many loving ways.  They are songs for you and for humanity.  This music will inspire you to walk in one another's love, all the way to Mount Zion.  All we need is love.  All we need is Love. 

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Kingston 13


Getting real and taking it home to the community that started it all.  This album is a Reggae musical journey performed by various musicians from the neighborhood in Jamaica called Kingston 13. We hope their different styles will encourage you think about Life in a spiritual and loving way; it's all about the music of  Life.  Enjoy Kingston 13! 

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Dub Music To The ITE's


A collection of very soothing smooth Reggae. The type of album you can play anytime, like at a party, over a meal,  after church or while taking a trip.  Lot's of variety!  You choose!

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Chinna Way


Montego Records presents Chinna Way, "Old School" instrumental, Dub and rock-steady Reggae music to soothe your soul.   

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King Shark & All Star Friends vol. 3


Lover's Rock in a dance hall style.  Any Reggae style that you like, you'll find here.  This album has it all, whether you want to chill or dance; there are many different authentic loving options for you to experience and enjoy.  Keep dancing, dance all the way!

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Montego Records and AllStar Rockers


This album tells a different story. One of life in Kingston Jamaica.  How people live, how people drink, how people think about Life in so many differnet ways.  When you listen to this album, the music will bring back so many memories about what Reggae was like during the 1970's.  Just the way of Life.

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Green Farm All Stars


A variety of different reggae music songs by great Jamaican artists from back in the 80's and now available to you from the heart of where Reggae began

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Crucial Time


The trials and tribulations that we all face on a daily basis encouraged me to create this album.  I hope you will be reminded that each of us is being looked after and every day is a blessed day no matter what obstacles are in our way.   

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Burning Fire

Montego Records presents Prince Alla at his best, performing new songs in his unique style.

Montego Records presents Prince Alla, one of Jamaica's superstars from the early 70's, at his best, singing better than ever, performing new songs in his unique "Old School" Reggae style.

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Montego Records presents Roots & Culture Sound Clash


When you talk about spiritual roots, this album will take you to that level by telling the story of so many ways of living Life.  Just listen to the words of the artists telling their story.  Deep spiritual Roots and Culture, so many loving, caring ways of Life.

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King Shark in the news...

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Walk In The Light Promotional Video


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Go Fund Me Site


I am raising funds to help me complete many of my prior and new Reggae compositions, which I have been unable to voice, mix, and master due to lack of adequate funding; and to then share my wealth of original Reggae music with the world.

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Rasta Lives


The double-entendre in Rasta Lives is deliberate.  And so you will find two sites in one… First, Rasta Lives, as in “Rasta Lives On”, around the world and has a great impact and influence.  Second, Rasta Lives, as in the “lives of the Rasta people”, today, yesterday and tomorrow.

Rasta Lives is also a portal site for Reggae.

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"Rasta Life" Video


A documentary about some of the greatest musicians that came out of Kingston, Jamaica.  Singers, instrumentalists and composers.  Those who found music as  the calling in their lives.

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Photo Gallery


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Tee Shirts


Support King Shark and Montego Records with your purchase of either one or all of our sweet assortment of one of-a-kind, original t-shirts designed for the artist to celebrate his albums.  All t-shirts, whichever make, style or size you choose, cost $25.00 each, plus tax and USPS Flat Rate shipping.  All sales are final.

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