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 Reggae music is one of the most soulful genres of music out there. If you’re in the mood to listen to some soulful reggae albums, you can find dozens of tracks to please your ears at Montego Records. Explore our collection today.

Reggae Music 

Reggae music originated in Jamaica in the 1960s. It has roots in traditional Caribbean music, as well as American jazz, and rhythm and blues. The word reggae has varied inspiration as well, with meanings tied to words for “ragged clothing,” “a fight,” and “the king’s music.”

These various inspirations show just how deep and soulful the origins of reggae are, and this type of music continues to inspire musicians and music-lovers around the world.

Reggae Soul Albums 

At Montego Records, we have many reggae soul albums for you to find joy and inspiration from. If you’re looking for a new spin on a classic tune, you might enjoy “Cruisin’ With King Shark,” which puts the lyrics of Smokey Robinson and Marvin Tarplin against King Shark’s own reggae rhythm. Many of King Shark’s other songs combine that same connection to classic music with original reggae beats.

If you want more albums to listen to, you can check out our curated collections such as Look Where We Are, King Shark and All Star Friends, and Root & Culture Sound Clash. You can browse more of our collection on our home page. You can buy or listen to any album that piques your interest through Apple Music.

Montego Records

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